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"Quick Smart Wash Laundromat"

Excellence is central to everything we do.

By anticipating our customers’ needs, we strive for Excellence with our innovative solutions and services. Thus we make our customers’ work easier and life happier in our laundromat.

Self-laundry industry is approximately 75 years old with U.S. the biggest market with around 40,000 coin laundries and around 900,000 machines.Laundromatstart way back in 1934, when the very First Laundromat was opened in Fort Worth, Texas in 1934.It was run by Andrew Clein.

However it is a relatively new concept in our Indian market. In fact Quick Smart Wash Laundromats are among the first company to introduce the concept of laundromat in India especially in educational institutes and hospitals wherein the company has captured the imagination of Indian consumers with its hygienic, clean and economical laundry solutions.

Recently we have also started Care Laundromats i.e. Hospital Laundry & Multiple Housing Laundromats.

We provide our customers with a unique service that combines convenience with comfort and satisfaction with our high quality “state of the art” Professional Laundry equipment, personal assistance; air conditioned environment and assortment of entertainment options.